Unison works within many aspects of the government procurement process, but there are many platforms that our Sellers may interact with where we cannot provide additional assistance as we are not affiliated with these organizations. However, we want to help our Seller community succeed within government contracting and have provided links below to help answer questions you may have regarding frequently used contracting sites. Please follow up with these organizations directly with any concerns regarding their systems.

SAM is a federally run governmental site used to register businesses that are interested in doing business with the U.S. government.  Before an interested Seller may bid on a solicitation, they must be registered on the website.  

Website: https://www.sam.gov/SAM/

Phone: 866-606-8220

Service desk Website: www.fsd.gov  


CPARS is a web-based application that compiles the library of automated Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs). A CPAR assesses a contractor’s performance and provides a record based on facts and quality reviews. 

              Website: https://www.cpars.gov/

              Phone: 207-438-1690

              Email: webptsmh@navy.mil


FPDS-NG is a data system where all contracts whose estimated value is $10,000 or more. Every modification to that contract, regardless of dollar value must be reported to FPDS-NG.

Website: https://www.fpds.gov 

Phone: 866-606-8220 

Service Desk Website: www.fsd.gov  


WAWF (Wide Area Workflow) is the payment system often used by the DoD to submit and track their invoices, receipts, and acceptance documents.  As a Seller, you may need to set-up a WAWF account in order to be able to invoice the Buyer for your awarded contract.  

Website: https://www.dfas.mil/contractorsvendors/irapt/wawf/info.html

Customer Service Helplines: 


ARMY CHESS (Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions System) is Army’s designated primary source for commercial information technology (IT).

              Website: https://chess.army.mil/

              Phone: 1-888-232-4405
              Email: armychess@mail.mil


NASA SEWP V manages a suite of government-wide IT products and services contracts that enable NASA and all Federal Agencies to achieve their missions and strategic initiatives by providing streamlined access to critical technologies and solutions. The Program provides best value for the Federal Government and American taxpayer through innovative procurement processes, premier customer service and outreach, acquisition insight, and partnership with Government entities and Industry. 

Website: https://www.sewp.nasa.gov/

Phone: 301-286-1478 



GSA is a procurement platform used to help provide the federal government with various products and services.  Many buys on our marketplace require Sellers to have a GSA Schedule Contract, which provides the government with specific discounted pricing based on an IDIQ basis.   

Website: https://www.gsa.gov/

Phone: 1-844-GSA-4111

Email: GSA.Advantage@gsa.gov