A Seller Activity Note is a flag placed by a Buyer on a Seller's account. A Buyer can place these notes if they are dissatisfied with an aspect of the Seller's performance on a particular buy on Unison Marketplace. As well, a Buyer can place a positive feedback note. Examples of the types of note codes and what they represent include:

  • POS (Positive Feedback)
  • DNO (Non-Delivery)
  • DIN (Incomplete Delivery)
  • DLT (Late Delivery)
  • DNC (Delivery of Non-Conforming Items)
  • UBR (Unresponsive to the Buyer)
  • ONC (Other Non-Compliance with Solicitation)
  • NCR (Not Registered in CCR) * Please note CCR is now SAM
  • OTH (Other)

These notes are located on a Seller's Activity Card, under the My Account tab of the Seller Dashboard. Seller Activity Notes are active on the Seller's account for 18 months, unless removed by the Buyer. Unison Marketplace cannot remove these notes from Sellers' accounts and any concerns regarding a Seller Activity Note should be addressed with the Buyer directly. Buyer contact information can be found next to the Note.