A Marketplace Specialist is a Unison Marketplace employee responsible for managing buys on the Marketplace. They serve as a point of contact for any Seller that may need assistance with buys.  A Marketplace Specialist may reach out to notify Sellers of buys that may be applicable to a Seller’s business or competencies.  For a Seller, a Marketplace Specialist can serve as a personal liaison between the Seller and the many Buyers on Unison Marketplace.  Therefore, if there is any feedback, question, or update that you would like documented for a Buyer, you are welcome to send this information to a Marketplace Specialist.  They are Unison Marketplace experts that are able to assist you with using the Marketplace, such as: finding opportunities, bidding, and answering questions.  Every Market Specialist has a direct phone line and email address. Phone numbers can be accessed through our directory by calling 1.877.933.3243.  You are also able to direct communication to the Unison Marketplace Marketplace Support team here.