If a buy closes without bids, your Account Manager can provide feedback received from the Seller Community to help you determine next steps.

When a buy closes without bids, the Buyer has the following options:

Extend the buy: Extending the buy will provide Sellers with a longer period during which they can submit bids.

Repost the buy:  A repost will issue an amendment, based on the Buyer Organization’s policies and Seller feedback.  The repost may include changes such as graduating the procurement strategy (socio economic set-aside, contract type, etc), or making a tangible change to the specifications or terms.

Cancel the buy: Canceling a buy will remove it from the Marketplace.  Documentation of the attempt to receive competition on Unison Marketplace does remain available; however, the Buyer chooses to pursue another avenue or may choose to update the information and clone the buy at a later date with updated information.

As always, we encourage Buyers to follow their normal due diligence procedures.  The decision on how to move forward is solely up to the Buyer.