The My Bids tab contains all of a Seller's past and present activity on the Marketplace. The My Bids tab is divided into the following sections:

The Active Bids folder is where Sellers can locate (and edit) all of their bids on open buys. If you want to view or edit your bid, simply click on the buy number for the bid you wish to view. You may edit your description, add attachments (if allowed by the Buyer), or offer a lower bid price by clicking the Rebid button at the bottom of the page. After the buy closing time, your bids will be transferred to your Bid Results folder. If a closed buy is extended, the buy will relocate to the Active Bids folder until the new closing time

The Draft Bids folder displays all the bids that a Seller has started but has not yet submitted on buys that are currently open. Once you submit the bid, the buy will relocate to either the Active Bids folder (if the buy is open) or the Bid Results folder (if the buy is closed). If the buy closes before you submit your draft bid, the buy will disappear from your Draft Bids folder and you will NOT be able to locate the buy. However, if the buy is extended, the buy (and your original draft bid) will return to your Draft Bids folder, where you may once again edit or submit your bid.

The No Bid feature is a helpful way to keep only relevant opportunities on your dashboard; it also lets Buyers know that you are not interested or able to bid on a buy. Sometimes Sellers “No Bid” a buy by mistake; however, as long as the buy is still open, you will be able to locate the buy in your No Bids folder and place a bid.

For Sellers, the Bid Results folder displays the bids that the Seller has placed on buys that are now closed. Each bid will be assigned one of the following statuses:

LAG - Pending Selection: Your bid was in Lag at the close of the buy and the buy has not yet been awarded.

LEAD - Pending Selection: Your bid has the most competitive pricing and the buy has not yet been awarded.

Not Selected - The Buyer has awarded the buy to another Seller. For Federal Government buys, you will be able to see the Selected Seller and Selected Bid Price by clicking on the buy number.

Reposted - The Buyer has edited the buy and you would need to submit a bid on the latest version on the buy to be considered for award.

Cancelled- The buy has been cancelled by the Buyer. A cancellation reason may be provided in the buy.