Buyers have the ability to make Seller Attachments for a buy required, optional, or not available.  If attachments are requested (required or optional), Sellers are able to view the Buyer’s request for attachments in the Bidding Requirements section of the buy.  All attachments must be non pricing; however, information-only costs (such as MSRP, trade-in values, overage costs, etc.) are generally acceptable. 

For Seller Attachments Required buys, Sellers are required to upload the requested attachment(s) with their bid.  The feature to upload attachments is available at the top of the Line Items page.  For these buys the Seller’s bid cannot be submitted until an attachment is uploaded to the bid.

For Seller Attachments Optional buys, Sellers have the ability to include attachments with their bid using the feature on the Line Items page.  

When the Seller Attachment feature is not available, Sellers may submit there attachments here.