Clicking the Submit button on the Review & Submit page of your bid will submit your bid on a buy, as long as no errors are indicated on the Terms or Line Items pages. Once you have clicked Submit, you should be taken to a confirmation page indicating your bid has been submitted. You can also check that your bid has been submitted by going to your Active Bids folder via the following steps:

a.         Hover over My Bids tab on the Seller Dashboard

b.         In the drop-down menu, select Active Bids

c.         Any bids you have submitted on an open buy will be visible in the Active Bids tab

d.         Any bids you have submitted on a closed buy will be visible in the Bid Results tab

If your bid is not listed in either of tabs, the bid has not been submitted. Check your Draft Bids tab to resume from your most recent save point.  Review your draft bid for any red exclamation points, indicating an error with your bid. A bid cannot be submitted with errors.  If you are still having issues submitting or locating your bid, please contact Marketplace Support here or by phone at 1.877.933.3243.