Sellers may decline to bid by submitting a 'No Bid'. Simply review the buy in the Opportunities section, select the checkbox to the right of the End Date, then select 'No Bid' from the Action drop down menu. To decline to bid from the buy Details page, just click the 'No Bid' button at the bottom of the page. A 'No Bid' allows a Seller to quickly document that they have viewed the opportunity but have determined not to submit a bid. It also informs the Buyer that the Seller is active in the market and assists the Buyer in documenting competition. If the Seller later decides to bid on a buy after submitting a No Bid, go to the 'No Bids' tab of the 'My Bids' section, and click on the buy number to begin the bidding process. The buy will be removed from the 'No Bids' list when the Seller clicks the 'Start Bid' button on the 'Buy Details' page.