Subscribing to Unison Marketplace is free to Sellers, which means there is no cost to register, view opportunities or bid. Unison Marketplace applies a proportional Fee to all Bids within a particular Buy and includes the Fee in the total Bid Price submitted to the Buyer for consideration. Unless otherwise agreed by Unison Marketplace and Buyer, the resulting Unison Marketplace Fee for any Buy is included in the payment from the Buyer to the Selected Seller or the third party for which the Selected Seller is acting as authorized representative or agent. 

If you have been chosen as the Selected Seller, you will automatically receive the Buyer’s point-of-contact information via email from Unison Marketplace. Either the Buyer may contact you or you may contact the Buyer directly to complete the ordering process. The Buyer will issue the order directly to you in the form of either a purchase order (PO) or purchase card (PCard) authorization, based on the terms of the competition. Therefore, all orders, regardless of payment method (PO or PCard), will consist of the pricing submitted online, plus the Unison Marketplace Fee and applicable government contract access fees if incorporated online. The Unison Marketplace Fee is structured as a 3% fee but may vary depending on the specifics of the competition. For example, if you bid on an opportunity and your bid price was $100.00, the Buyer will view and accept the price of $103.00. The Buyer then will issue an order for $103.00, and you will invoice the government for $103.00. 

Your invoice to the government MUST mirror the price structure utilized online. The Unison Marketplace Fee and contract access fees must not be separated unless done so within the specification of the competition. Please submit your request here if you need assistance determining fee structure or amounts.

Buyer contact information and invoicing instructions are typically contained in the Buyer’s order.